Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is Sage International School’s annual fundraising campaign in which we ask our community to contribute $475 per student to help bridge the gap between the per student funding provided by the State of Idaho/federal government and the cost of educating an IB student at Sage.  We have set out to provide a high-level, academically rigorous education at Sage based on continually researched “best practices” for both curricular instruction and teacher development.  In order to sustain these high standards in student performance, educational environment and community interactivity, we will require your support.

How do I donate to Mind the Gap?

 Click here to donate online.

Click here to download a pledge form - Mind the Gap Pledge Form.  Hand-deliver or mail pledge forms to either school.

You are welcome to spread your pledge payments out across the year (monthly, quarterlty, bi-annually) and you can designate a future date when you will begin to fulfill your pledge.  Be sure to check with your employer about matching your donation.  Thank you! And thank you for entrusing us with your IB Learners! 

Is my donation to Sage International School tax deductible?

Yes.  Sage is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.  In addition to state and federal  tax deductions, Idaho recently established a 50% tax credit (for those who itemize) for donations to educational institutions such as Sage International School.  Those who file individually may receive a $500 tax credit on a gift of $1,000 (credit capped at $1,000).  Married couples filing jointly may receive a $1,000 credit on a $2,000 donation (credit capped at $1,000).  Idaho corporations may receive a $5,000 credit on a $10,000 donation (credit capped at $5,000). 

For example, if a married couple (filing jointly/itemizing) in the 25% federal tax bracket makes a $950 MTG gift to Sage International, their gift may qualify for:

A $237 federal income tax deduction - A $74 Idaho income tax deduction - A $475 State tax credit

The true out-of-pocket cost of their $950 gift is $164!!!  (Please be sure to check with an accountant to verify how these tax benefits may apply to you.)

What is ‘the Gap’ in Sage International’s annual Mind the Gap campaign?

There are two ‘Gaps’ we’d like to explain.

Gap #1:

$4,200 per student = the difference in per student annual operating revenue a traditional public school in the Boise School District receives VS. the per student operating revenue Sage International receives as a public charter school. 

This difference can mainly be attributed to property tax revenues.  Stated simply – traditional public schools receive these funds and charter schools do not. 

  • Property tax revenues provide roughly 35% of a traditional public school’s annual operating revenue and are primarily applied to a district’s facility-related expenses.
  • Sage International School, as a charter school, does not receive any State or Federal funding to cover facility-related expenses. 
  • Sage funds both facilities and educational programs with 65% of the operating revenues a traditional school receives. 
  • Boise School district receives $8,900 per student while Sage International receives $4,700 per student = a $4,200 per student gap.

Gap #2:

$475 per student = the per student funding we are requesting from the Sage community.

We run a very tight ship at Sage International.  Despite facing a $4,200 per student revenue gap, we can accomplish our educational mission with $475 per student in support from our community. We do this by utilizing every last resource (personnel, supplies, volunteers) as completely as possible.  Our teachers and staff work hard to cover “duties” throughout the day (including janitorial!)  and our Sage Community Volunteers are an equally invaluable resource in helping to narrow the Gap.

  •  Every dollar the Mind the Gap campaign generates is a dollar we don’t have to spend on facilities.
  • Every dollar we don’t spend on facilities is additional revenue available for our IB Programs, teacher education, classroom materials and all of the things that make Sage International a great place for our IB Learners. 

Why an annual ‘Mind the Gap’ campaign - or, 'why not a bake sale'?

Sage International’s Board and Mr. Keller determined a single, well-articulated annual fundraising approach was best for our community. 

  • First, the model works - last year, through MTG our community donated nearly $100,000 to Sage International - THANK YOU!!! 
  • Second, in our annual surveys Sage parents have overwhelmingly expressed support for the MTG model - In lieu of continually being asked to participate in smaller events throughout the year (think bake sale, auctions), parents appreciate being told what we need, why we need it, and how to give.  
  • Third, many fundraising efforts, despite the best of intentions, take a lot of volunteer and school resources.  Our classroom volunteers are so critical to our teachers and students that we don’t want to pull them in other directions.   In all we do, we are very protective of our teachers’ and students’ time – Mind the Gap happens largely in the background while our teachers teach and our students learn.

Is Participation in Mind the Gap voluntary?

Yes.  We request an amount of $475/per student with the understanding that not everyone is able to contribute at that level, and in fact, some will be able to contribute more.  If you choose to participate, please feel free to donate an amount that works with your family’s budget.  

Does a small donation really make a difference?

Yes. While the sum of all community donations is certainly relevant, the number that is more crucial to Sage International School’s longevity is the percent of enrolled families who actively “buy-in” to the school’s mission and vision.  As with last year we are aiming for 100% participation across our school population.  All levels of generosity are appreciated.